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Since 1975, Foscarini Industry has been engaged in manufacturing high standard furniture. The company offers planned and modulated furniture of excellent quality and bold design, allied to innovative aesthetic conceptions and highly effective.

The facilities are equipped with cutting-edge machines and equipment, conferring efficiency to the production process. With a team of highly qualified employees, the company has been outstanding in the market for its brand credibility and reliability of the products offered.

Above all, the company keeps investing in technologies to exceed the expectations of its consumers, respecting the environment and helping to make homes and people happy.


Our Mission
Foscarini Industry, with its motto: "Smart solutions for your home" has as main objective offering different products and effective solutions for its customers, with excellent quality and innovative design.

Our Vision
Highly regarded as a company that offers the best solutions in residential products, increasing costumers comfort and well-being, providing innovative products which can meet the need of the public and thriving as a company with environmental and social sustainability.

Our principles and values
The company preaches that the commitment with the manufacturing products, well-being of employees and valorizing of people are its differential. The constant update and the desire to change propelled the brand in search of novelties to follow people's lives, evolving and creating effective solutions to make life easier and more enjoyable.


Commitment with the environmental preservation
1. Establishing stricter environmental standards than those stipulated by regulations and laws.
2. Reducing industrial waste
3. Promoting energy conservation
4. Promoting pollution prevention activities
5. Promoting conservation of natural resources

Our environmental policy – It's our commitment term to the environment.
1. Use and consumption reduction of natural resources
2. Reduction of industrial waste
3. Following and complying with all laws and agreements relevant to the environment
4. Establishing independent and viable standards both technologically and financially, working to prevent natural pollution.
5. Avoiding the most as possible sources of pollution that may cause inconvenience to the local population
6. Establishing goals and objectives to promote its effective implementation
7. Performing the teaching of the company's environmental policy so that all employees are aware and act in accordance to it.



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Foscarini is prepared to attend the international market. Besides having an industrial park with the best elements and machinery, Foscarini has the capacity and flexibility to develop the product according to what the customer needs. Thus the company can offer products with distinctive and exclusive features.

The Engineering sector works constantly to develop more resistant, well-finished and easy-to-install products, optimizing the time needed at the customer's house.

The commitment with quality is a principle of the company, so, all parts pass through quality control, where they are checked one at a time by professionals trained for the task.

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Lucas Foscarini

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